What Is Parquetry Flooring?

Parquetry flooring is a type of hardwood floor made by arranging rectangular wooden blocks in a geometric pattern. Where traditional hardwood flooring consists of wooden slats laid side by side, in parquetry flooring smaller pieces of wood are arranged geometrically. The patterns form a mosaic, creating a decorative effect, and adding to the beauty of the wood grain.

The best materials for parquetry flooring

Parquetry flooring is available in a range of timber species, both solid and engineered. Generally speaking, the more exotic the species is the more expensive it will be. The best material will depend on the qualities you’re looking for.

Most popular types of timber for parquetry are Canadian, American and European oak, as well as walnut. In Australia, native species are also available and a common choice.

How parquetry floorboards are laid

Parquetry flooring is not easy to install. The most important thing is to get the first line right, let it dry and then continue to glue the pieces one by one to the subfloor beneath.

You can’t install parquetry over your existing floor, and good floor preparation is a must. With a concrete subfloor, you’ll need to apply a moisture barrier (liquid glass) to stop moisture content. For a particle board (yellow tongue) you will need rough sand in a 40 grid crosswise.

The most popular parquetry patterns are:

  • Chevron
  • Herringbone
  • Block

There is also a range of more complex patterns you could look at. With parquetry, the options are endless!

The different types of parquetry

When choosing your parquetry flooring, there are options to suit different types of budgets. At the more expensive end, there’s solid parquet, which is made entirely of wood. At the cheaper end, there is panel parquet, which is made by gluing a plyboard underneath a hardwood veneer.

Another choice is that between unfinished and finished parquet flooring. With unfinished parquetry, you can choose the exact colour of the stain and the type of sealer used. The cheaper option is finished parquet flooring, where the pieces have been sealed at the factory.

Pros and cons of parquetry flooring

As a type of flooring that has been popular for centuries, parquetry has stood the test of time. There are good reasons for parquetry having a resurgence in popularity in Australia, however, it isn’t suitable for all spaces.

Pros of parquetry flooring

  • Elegant and timeless look
  • Stunning decorative effect
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Stays cool in summer and warm in winter

Cons of parquetry flooring

  • Can look busy in small spaces
  • Not ideal for high-moisture areas, such as bathroom or laundry - water can cause it to swell and warp

Interested in getting parquetry flooring? Contact the team at LKV Flooring, we’re happy to consult on your project and give free design advice. If you don’t feel like DIY’ing it, our expert floor installers can help.

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