Flooring Stores Brisbane

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Are you looking to revamp the look of your floor? LKV Flooring is one of the most trusted flooring stores in Brisbane, providing professional flooring services for over a decade now. Our experience speaks for itself and is reflected in the quality of workmanship our experts provide.

We understand that every client has its own preferences, and every property has its own needs. As a result, our experts offer personalised advice and consultation that considers the specific needs of the individual. We’ll consider both. your wants and needs, which help us guide you to the most cost-effective flooring decisions.

All the materials that we use are of premium quality. We work with all the renowned floor suppliers of Australia to bring the best to our clients. Our hundreds of satisfied customers have appreciated the attention to detail, and the overall effort put into the job. If you are looking for flooring stores in Brisbane, see our 5-star rated team!

Flooring Stores Brisbane
Flooring Stores Brisbane

Flooring Stores In Brisbane: You Have Come To The Right One!

Choosing the right flooring store is important to make the right flooring decision. With an abundance of flooring stores in Brisbane, we stand out by offering the following:

  • Well-trained and professional floor experts who excel at installation and consultation
  • Experienced and dedicated team with the aim to make the flooring dreams come true
  • Free quotes and consultation services
  • Flooring packages that are efficient. We have something for all budgets!
  • Quick response. Our experts will get back to you as soon as the same day when you reach out.
  • Personalised flooring services with our CEO Roman staying in contact with you throughout the project.

    As one of the top-rated flooring stores in Brisbane, we make sure to give our clients what they want. Our company is not focused on generating maximum profit. Instead, we prioritise maximum customer satisfaction. So, if a slightly lower cost flooring solution is better for your space, we will recommend it without any hesitation.

A Standardised Flooring Process Moulded To Your Needs

We follow a standardised flooring process. As a result, unlike other flooring stores in Brisbane,
we can personalise the process by actively communicating with you.

Our process is based on the following steps:

  1. Upon contact, our customer representative guides you and enquires about the job
  2. Our CEO, Roman, goes out to visit the site and take the necessary measurements
  3. We ask you to visit our showroom to finalise the product
  4. Once finalised, we provide you with a quote
  5. A day and time for the commencement of the project is chosen and communicated
  6. The job is completed

As a high-quality flooring store in Brisbane, we pride ourselves on our communication throughout the process. This is largely to ensure your journey as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Flooring Stores Brisbane

If you have decided to give your floor a new look, let us help you make the wisest flooring decisions.
Talk to our experts at our flooring stores in Brisbane to assist you throughout the process.
It is vital that you make an informed decision for such a long-term investment. Call us today! 07 3890 5173

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Attention, flooring enthusiasts! LKV Flooring has relocated from Tingalpa to our brand-new premises at 77 Doggett Street, Newstead, QLD, 4006. Our spacious new showroom is ready to welcome you with a stunning array of flooring options to suit every style and budget.

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