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Armed with over eight years of experience within the industry, LKV Flooring is your team of floor installation experts. We have over four hundred satisfied clientele and go above and beyond to achieve premium-quality workmanship backed by exceptional customer service. Offering a wide range of flooring options and materials such as hybrid, laminate, parquetry, bamboo, vinyl and timber. Our expertise is second-to-none and we achieve results within a timely manner operating with efficiency and professionalism. Passionate about what we do, as floor installation experts, LKV Flooring ensures that we achieve one hundred percent client satisfaction and assist our clientele by answering all questions and queries and offering advice on the optimum solution for your requirements and taste. Given our diversity of products, we work with all the different materials, all of premium-grade quality and strive for durability and beauty. Your home or office will be aesthetically-pleasing with new flooring installation by our professional team.  


Our Diverse Flooring 

As premier floor installation experts in the industry, the LKV Flooring team offers a wide range of flooring materials to select from and varying shades and colours to complement your home or office scheme. With laminate flooring, we offer Acacia, Amiens Oak Light, Antique Oak, ArosaAsgil Oak Honey, Asgil Oak Light, Authentic Oak Grey, Autumn Oak, Beach, Belfort Dark, and Blackbutt, all of which can be perused on our website to see the colours. Laminate flooring is waterproof, scratch and UV-resistant and low maintenance making it an ideal choice for many people. Custom flooring to suit your requirements is the aim of our floor installation experts and we understand that colour and texture are important for you. In parquetry floor options, we offer different colours and patterns such as Ash Grey, Cabernet, Cannes, Champagne, Cognac, Dark Brown and Mink Grey. Hybrid and Vinyl planks floors are the best selling products of 2019 with our new generation, waterproof, hypo-allergenic and durable quality. They are also UV and scratch resistant and residential and commercial-grade quality offered by LKV Flooring in an array of colours and patterns including Aged Oak, Alberta Oak, Artisan Planks Grey, Ash Oak, Ashland Oak, Aspen Oak, Baltic, BeechwoodBlackbutt and Bleached. For timber flooring by our floor installation experts at LKV Flooring, look no further than our beautifully exquisite range of timber to suit the home or office with timber furnishings. We offer Australian and European species including Aged Oak, Amalfi, Argyle, Avola Natural, Beach Oak, Biarritz, Black FoxBlackbutt and Bleached Driftwood.  

Avola Natural FlooringCognac Flooring


But Wait, There’s Bamboo Too! 

We haven’t forgotten bamboo as an option, we’ve just left it to last. Why? Because bamboo is becoming an ever-increasingly popular choice of flooring for it’s affordability, durability and environmental-friendliness. It is sustainable and attractive, aesthetically-pleasing to the eye when laid carefully and with expert craftsmanship by our floor installation experts. How is it eco-friendly? Bamboo is native to China and regenerates quickly which means it is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option than felling trees. Once harvested, bamboo grass roots regenerate and there is no need to re-plant like with trees. Bamboo grass regenerates so quickly that it can reach maturity and be ready for harvesting within five years in comparison with twenty odd years for trees; additionally bamboo forests are harvested by hand and produces more oxygen than hardwood. Furthermore, with bamboo, there is no requirement for irrigation systems or fertiliser as it grows naturally without human intervention. LKV Flooring offers ARC bamboo flooring in a wide-range of colours including Australiana, Bamboo Champagne, Coffee, Natural, Chocolate and Brushed Antique to name several. As leading floor installation experts, our team at LKV Flooring offer exceptional quality installation across Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounding areas within Queensland, and we aim to achieve one hundred percent client satisfaction. You will not be disappointed with our craftsmanship and the exquisite aesthetic appeal of your new flooring once laid by our team. 

Bamboo Flooring - Australiana DesignBamboo flooring - ChocolateBamboo Flooring - Coffee


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