Floor Sanding and Polishing Tips & Tricks


Have a look under your carpet or vinyl now! Maybe you are a proud owner of old timber floors. From our experience, many people live in their houses (especially Queenslanders) for many years and don’t even know that they actually have beautiful timber floors. Whether you are renovating an old house to make profit or you doing it for yourself. Timber floors always bring up the value and beauty to your place.


You have timber floors already? Congratulations from our team. When was the last time you’ve polished them? Is your timber still protected from stains, marks and scratches? To answer all those questions you need a professional advise. But don’t worry, we have a few tips for you 🙂

1. If you have’t done anything to your floors for the past 5-7 years, you might just need to “refresh” your floorboards. The process involves just a light buffering – polishing and a new layer of varnish.
2. Check your floors, if they can be sanded at all. For solid hardwood, parquet, bamboo, cork or engineered timber, floor sanding and polishing can be done with no issues. Vinyl and laminate floors can not be sanded. So, before you choose your timber floors, think ahead which way to go.

For example… you picked engineered timber and payed for it $60/m2. You have bedroom of 20 square meters (m2). So, total amount payed $1200. Engineered timber will last you for long (up to 30 years) and can be sanded a few times.


Now you go with cheapest option, which is Laminate floor from Bunnings for half the price of engineered timber – $30/m2. So, you payed for your bedroom $600 in total. Laminate floorboard is compressed paper with less than a 1 millimetre of vinyl sticker that looks like timber. Laminate floors can not be sanded and their durability from our experience is no longer than 4-6 years. So every 5 years you are replacing your laminate floorboards and paying $600 again and again. That way you can estimate your price in 15 years ahead and understand that you will pay more at the end.


If you hear any squeaking and some movement on the floor, It’s time to get professional advice. And here is the trick…Most of the sanding companies are doing free quotations. Get yourself a professional and you’ll get your questions answered in hours. Floor movement can be a structural thing and dangerous to your place.


Sheen Level of Coating, that means how shiny or glossy your floor’s finish is. The lustre level is determined by how much light is reflected off the floor from a 60-degree angle. The glossier you go, the more light reflects off the floors. This in turn, shows more dirt/dust as well as imperfections in the floor. So the more glossier you go the more dust, dint, scratches you’ll see on the timber floor.
Solvent base coatings is more durable, but go yellow with the age. Water base coatings brings more natural look of the timber and is less harmful to the environment and customers don’t have to move out of their home or vacate their business.

We have enough experience to help you with your beautiful timber floors. We do Floor Sanding & Polishing in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW. So don’t hesitate to comment below or give us a call.


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